Joy Now


God is good
God is in control
God loves us

What a month for us! We got our passports, spoke at Woodland Christian School’s elementary chapel, connected with “old” friends and adopted a puppy.


Yep. We adopted a puppy. It became very clear to us at the beginning of this month that we were not going to make our financial target to return to Kenya in August. Our emotions have been all over the place. Yes, it DOES take a lot of financial support to send a family our size overseas. Just the airfare alone is incredibly expensive! So, we have had to re-evaluate what God has for us this next year. We do not feel released from Kenya. We feel like God is still holding that door wide open. But our timing may not be His timing. Throughout the whole year and a half of support raising, I’ve heard myself saying no to different things that we can be involved in because “we will be moving overseas soon.” One of those requests has come from my third born who has always begged for a puppy and my response has always been, “we can’t get a puppy. We are moving to Kenya.” I began hearing my own words echoed by my children. “I can’t sign up for that sport. We will be moving to Kenya”, “I don’t want to get involved with worship band because we will be moving to Kenya”, “I should probably not think about middle school in America, because I’m moving to Kenya.” Ah! We were teaching our kids to not enjoy life now. That if we *wait* for next year or we *wait* to move overseas, then we can do the things we really want; really love to do.

That isn’t what we want to teach our kids.

So, we are committing to continue to raise support and spreading our heart’s desire to go to Kenya in 2015. And we commit to JOY NOW. We commit to teaching our children that following God exists in every situation. The reasons why we are not going to Kenya now is not because we got it wrong, or we missed something or someone else messed up. The reasons why we are not going to Kenya now is because:
God is good
God is in control
God loves us


For those of you who are currently financially supporting us, we would love for you to continue. Your support will build on itself and translate to the remaining monthly support that we need (we are currently at 32% monthly support and 52% of our outgoing support: plane fare, shots, passports, visa costs). We recognize that any financial support is extremely sacrificial. Therefore, if you had committed to monthly support and would like to delay that support until we actually depart next summer (2015), we completely understand. Please let us know. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you would like to continue your monthly support throughout the next year.

We appreciate you so much. We can hardly even express it!! We are hosting a Night of Thankfulness to express our gratitude for the many people who have prayerfully and financially supported us over many years. If you would like to receive an invitation for this event, please let us know. It is scheduled for Saturday, May 31.

We love you guys. We could not be on this journey without you. Thank you for praying and investing in our entire family.

Brian, Erin, Jakin, Keilah, Silas and Eli


One thought on “Joy Now

  1. Johnson tribe says:

    We love you all and are praying for Gods plan in all you do. On a side note, I know one soon to be jr higher is overjoyed that you will be there when we return

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