Team Richerson


Hey! Hey! We hit just over 18% of our financial support this week. We are encouraged!

Yes, the support is coming in slowly but we are thankful to not be stuck.

Brian and I are committed to working our very hardest these next 2 months to really get information out about our ministry and our plans. We feel like God is asking us to be very diligent until the last deciding moment (last day of May).

Would you prayerfully consider supporting us through financial giving?

We ask this not to put a guilt trip or beg for money. Please understand our heart on this. Many people do not even realize that we are only able to go out as missionaries because of a large group of people who believe in the ministry, believe that God wants them to answer their own call to foreign missions and give personal finances towards that goal. We get to be the hands and feet for a much larger group of people who are “called” to missions too! Some missionaries get to go and others stay behind to support.

We are asking for 56 families or groups to support us for $100 per month beginning in August.

Why do we need to know about support before it comes in? Because our mission will not release us to even buy plane tickets until we have 100% pledged support.

We are thankful for you.

Whether you are a current prayer/financial supporter, past supporter or future supporter we would like to personally thank you. Look for information coming soon about an event we are planning just for you to express our gratitude. I know we have not expressed it enough, but whatever happens with us and our return to Kenya, we have never been so encouraged by others as we have during this entire process.

Much love to you!


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