Prayer need


Dear friends,
We are coming up on our end of May deadline for full support and it definitely feels near impossible! We believe that God can definitely do this but we are fighting against discouragement. After several months of support raising and with 2 months until our deadline, we are at 16% of our monthly support with 9 pledges of monthly financial support, including our home church. We have some tough decisions to make in the near future if our support does not come in. This is not to say that we are not overwhelmingly appreciative of the financial support that has already come in. We are so very thankful! The reality is that we need a lot of support! Sending a family of six overseas for 5 years is pretty crazy when we think about it. We covet your prayer.

What happens if we do not have 100% of our financial support?
Our mission will not release us to go on the mission field without being at full support. We are actually very grateful for this. In our experience, sometimes people who have the best intentions end up not being able to financially support us after they commit to. The mission takes this into account and does not want us to have to return immediately from the mission field because of the lack of funds right off the bat.

If we do not reach our support goals by August, what will we do?
At this point, we are reaching out to Rift Valley Academy, letting them know about our situation, and will be talking about options. If we miss our May deadline but are close, we will see if there is a need for us to go in December for the 2nd term of the school year.  There is a possibility that it will not be possible because the school may have filled our roles for the year. If there is still a need for us in December, we would possibly extend our support deadlines. All of this is dependent on discussions with the school and our support levels.  If our full support still does not come in by that time, we will acknowledge that this is not the time for our family to pursue the mission field. Because of our family’s needs, we will not continue to live in limbo after December and will commit to staying in the States long term. Obviously, this will be a very difficult (and sad) decision for us to make.

If we are unable to go on the mission field, what happens to money that has already been sent to Africa Inland Mission on our behalf?
Due to IRS regulations, AIM cannot return funds once they have been sent in because they are tax deductible donations to Africa Inland Mission.  AIM does allow us to re-designate funds to other ministries under AIM and we would likely transfer unused funds to other missionaries and ministries that also need the funds.  For those that have made pledges; if we do not go out onto the field, they should not be sent in, but we would encourage you to support other missionaries and ministries with those funds.  Again, these type of decisions will not need to be made now.

We are reminded over and over that we could not be on this journey without dear friends and family walking with us. We love you very much. Thank you for your encouragement and prayer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Erin and Brian
Hebrews 10:23


One thought on “Prayer need

  1. Johnson tribe says:

    We will be surrounding your family in prayer tonight as we gather with other missionary families here in Costa Rica.

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