Support Update

We had a great time with our FBC family last weekend.  We had over 120 people attend our presentation during Life Builders and had many people come up to us afterwards to talk further about the ministries at RVA.  It was so fun and encouraging! If you missed our presentation, want to hear more or would like to have us come speak at another event, please feel free to contact us.  We love to share about what God is doing in our lives and in the ministries of Rift Valley Academy.

One common question that we have received is how are we doing with our support, and what happens if we do not receive enough support.  Due to the frequency of this question, we have added a graphic on the side of this site, showing how much we have received in monthly financial pledges to date and what our current monthly target is.  We will update this graphic every 2 weeks (sooner if there is a major change) to keep everyone up to date on how we are doing.  Currently our support totals are:

Monthly: $450 or 6.5% of our target

Outgoing: $3800 or 6.8% of our target

While we do not need our monthly support to start coming in until we leave in August, we need to know what amounts individuals and churches are pledging in order to show our missions agency (Africa Inland Mission) that we have enough support to head out to the field.  The mission requires us to be at 100% of our monthly target before we can purchase our tickets to travel to Kenya.  That means that we would need to be at that 100% mark by sometime in May, or in about the next 12 weeks.  Without being at 100% we will need to delay our return to RVA and the school would have to make other plans to start the year without us.  Additionally we need to be close to our outgoing total so that we have enough funds to travel to Kenya and to establish ourselves there for ministry.

These are exciting times for us! We continue to walk ahead by faith, trusting that the Lord will move in the hearts of his people and provide the necessary funds.  We appreciate your overwhelming encouragement and prayer for our family these last few months. We have definitely appreciated it!

Thankful for you!

Brian and Erin


Upcoming Events

We moved! We are still living in Woodland and are renting a house on the other side of town for the next 6 months. It is a little crazy to think that we sold our house and Brian notified his job about our upcoming departure and we don’t even have our financial support to get to Kenya! Ha! Ok, God….this is YOU getting us to where you want us to be. The moments where we feel the most discouragement, it has been awesome to see God bring another financial contribution our way or send a friend to share an encouraging word or give our children peace and comfort about leaving their home. God knows and it’s clear that He wants us to trust Him enough to take things ONE step at a time.

We do have some speaking opportunities coming up this month! Our church is such an amazing support to us and continues to promote the ministry that God is leading us to.

Tuesday, February 11@ 8pm:
College Life
Kleiber 3, UC Davis

Sunday, February 16@ 10:30am:
First Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall
38141 Russell Blvd., Davis

Thankful for all of you!